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Mobile Food Vending
The Village of Shorewood allows mobile food vending, such as food trucks and ice cream trucks. Please read on to learn more about the regulations, the types of licenses, and where a mobile food vendor may locate. You will find links to application forms on this page as well. 

Types of Licenses

There are two types of mobile food vending licenses each of which is available on a daily or annual basis. Daily licenses cost $10 and annual licenses cost $75.

Type A Licenses are designed to accommodate businesses that participate in Special Events such as private parties, block parties, and company picnics. Mobile Food Vendors with Type A Annual Licenses may operate for up to 10 consecutive days and 52 total days during any calendar year.

Type B Licenses are designed to accommodate businesses that visit multiple locations throughout the day, such as ice cream trucks and job site canteen trucks. Type B Mobile Food Vendors may stop briefly (for up to 15 minutes) on public streets to serve patrons.