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Permit Fees

The Village of Shorewood Development and Building Fees are formally approved by Ordinance or Resolution, and therefore are subject to change with Village Board approval. Be advised that development impact fees are also included within Annexation Agreements, which are negotiated and approved on a case by case basis and may vary per development or date of approval.  A development’s Annexation Agreement should be reviewed for specific fee information.

Deferral of FeesAll fees and costs associated with the issuance of a building permit for new residential structures, except the building permit fee, plan review, water meter, construction water and any fee to reimburse the Village for an out-of-pocket expense, shall be paid prior to the issuance of an occupancy permit or from one (1) year of issuance of the building permit whichever comes first.

Outside ConsultantsIn the event it shall appear from the plans and specifications submitted for any building permit for the construction, reconstruction or alteration of any improvement or building that the approval of the same, the issuance of a permit therefor or the inspection of the same during and after construction requires the special expertise of an engineer or other consultant, the cost to be incurred by the Village for the services of such engineer or consultant shall be determined, and the same shall be charged as additional building permit fee in addition to such other fee which may be provided, and the permit for the same shall not be issued until the same has been paid. Such engineer or consultant shall be engaged by the chief building official or their designee as a Deputy Building Inspector to perform such services as determined necessary. Submittal of a building permit application shall be considered acknowledgment that the applicant is responsible for all engineer or consultant fees incurred by the Village regardless of application status.