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Start a Business

Thank you for considering Shorewood for the location of your business. We look forward to working with you to implement your plans.

If you are looking for a location for your business, please click here to view our available sites. If you have selected a location, please read on for information and application forms,


The first thing you will need to consider when opening a business is whether the property is appropriately zoned. You can consult the Village Zoning Map and Zoning Ordinance for information or contact Economic Development Director Natalie Engel at (815) 553-2314

Things such as the type of business, amount of parking, loading area, and other site requirements will be considered. Businesses operated from homes must also obtain licenses and are subject to their own set of regulations.

Business Licenses or Registration

Depending on the type of business you are operating, you will need either a business license or registration.

  • Businesses that are regulated by the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation must be registered with the Village and are subject to a $35 annual fee.
  • Home occupations are also subject to Village licensing and registration requirements. The fee is $35 annually.
  • Mobile food vendors are subject to licensing. The Village offers $10 daily licenses and $75 annual licenses.
  • All other businesses must obtain a primary business license. Fees are determined based on size.
  • Additional licensing standards apply to the following.
    • Alcohol sales
    • Tobacco sales
    • Video gaming
    • Massage

Permits & Inspections

Remodeling an existing space requires a building permit and inspections. A change of use in an existing building, if permitted, may require improvements, permits, and inspections. Finally, prior to opening, occupancy inspections are required for all new businesses.

Sign Permits

Please consult with the Village Planner prior to ordering any signs for your business. Permits are required for most signs including wall-mounted signs, freestanding signs, monument sign panel face changes, window signs, banners, and temporary signs.

Procedure for Approval

  1. The business license, business registration, and any supplemental applications listed above must be submitted for review. If a background check is required, payment is due upon application.   Please allow at least two weeks for review.
  2. The “Occupancy, Remodeling or Tenant Build-out” Permit Application should be submitted, with (4) sets of plans (for build-outs). Please allow at least two weeks for review. Note: Troy Fire Protection District approval is required for all tenant occupancies.  Health Department approval is required for commercial kitchens. Copies of applicable approvals need to be submitted prior to building permit issuance.
  3. The Occupancy Certificate will be issued upon Building Department approval (and outside agencies, as required). Business Licenses (including Tobacco) will be issued at this time. Liquor Licenses are issued prior to occupancy.
  4. Utility billing accounts should be set up upon approval for occupancy. 


 Economic Development

 (815) 553-2314

 Natalie Engel: nengel@shorewoodil.gov

 Planning & Zoning

 (815) 553-2314

 Natalie Engel: nengel@shorewoodil.gov


 (815) 207-4609

 Isabelle Bohanek: ibohanek@shorewoodil.gov

 Business Licensing

 (815) 553-2310

 Building: businesses@shorewoodil.gov

 Building Department

 (815) 553-2310

 Building: permits@shorewoodil.gov

 Utility Billing

 (815) 725-2150

 Finance: utilitybilling@shorewoodil.gov

 Liquor & Gaming Licensing

 (815) 725-2150

 Toni Dulny: tdulny@shorewoodil.gov

 Troy Fire Protection District

 (815) 651-2103

 Paul Hertzmann: phertzmann@tryfpd.com

 Will County Health Department

 (815) 727-8480

 Brenda Hamby: bhamby@willcountyhealth.org

 Chamber of Commerce

 (815) 725-2900

 Tasha Marsaglia: tmarsaglia@PSACchamber.com


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