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Leaf Collection Program

The Village of Shorewood offers two programs for leaf disposal to meet the needs of residents.


Bagged Leaf & Yard Waste Collection Program
Beginning the first Tuesday in April through December 15th, residents may take advantage of the bagged collection program (no stickers required). Shorewood’s last pick-up date will be the Tuesday before December 15th. The bagging program, provided through Waste Management, allows residents to dispose of yard waste bags filled with leaves and other yard waste each week on their normal trash collection day.

To participate, fill biodegradable Kraft yard waste bags with leaves and other yard waste. There is a 50-pound weight limit maximum per bag. Be aware that wet leaves will add to the weight of the bag. Place the bags at the curb for pickup on your normal trash collection day.

Leaves and yard waste must be placed in Kraft yard waste bags.  Branches and brush must be cut to 4-foot lengths and tied into bundles with string or twine.  Each bundle must not exceed 50 lbs.


Bulk Curbside Leaf Collection Program
Beginning the 2nd full week of October and ending December 1st, or the first snowfall, the bulk curbside leaf collection program provides residents with an alternative way to dispose of their leaves. Using specialized mechanical equipment, Village crews collect leaves from parkways. Crews start at 7:00 a.m. and work until 3:00 p.m. Leaf volume and weather uncertainties make it impossible for the village to guarantee curbside leaf collection on a specific day.

To participate, rake leaves onto the parkway parallel to the street and approximately 12 inches behind the curb or edge of the pavement.  Leaves placed in the street will not be collected until they have been placed back on the parkway behind the curb or edge of the pavement.  This will obstruct the flow of stormwater runoff during rain events and cause street flooding.  Do not include any debris, such as garden materials, brush, cans, paper, bottles, pet waste, etc.  The foreign material can cause damage to equipment and cause injury to leaf collection personnel.  Do not place leaf piles behind obstacles, such as parked vehicles, trees, mailboxes, fire hydrants, streetlights, etc.

Will the Village do an extra pick-up if the leaves fall late in the season?
Much of the equipment used for our leaf collection program is also used for winter operations.  Once vehicles are converted to accommodate deicing and snow plowing, they cannot be returned to leaf collection service.  We encourage you to utilize the bagged leaf & yard waste collection program through Waste Management, which is offered through December 15th.   Historically, our first snowfall occurs by early December, so we set our last collection day as December 1st or the first snowfall.

Important Phone NumbersFor Bulk Curbside Leaf Collection:
Public Works Department
(815) 553-2321

For Bagged Leaf & Yard Waste Collection:
Waste Management
(800) 964-8988

Residents are also encouraged to utilize alternative options to these programs.

  • In some neighborhoods where trees are not mature, utilize a mulching lawnmower and mulch leaves back into the lawn.  This provides nutrients for the soil.
  • Place mulched leaves in and around plant beds and under trees and shrubs.  Again, this provides nutrients for the soil and plants.  It also provides insulation for the plants.