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Sprinkler Ordinance Lawn Watering with Sprinklers and Underground Irrigation: (Ordinance #05-1309)

Days: Year-round, Including Weekends and Holidays

  • Even number addresses on even number dates
  • Odd-number addresses on odd-number dates
  • Hours: 6 to 10 a.m. and 6 to 10 p.m.

Refer to the complete ordinance for information on hand-held watering, sod placement, and seed lawn watering.

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Water Hardness MapThe Water Hardness map shows the water hardness level of each subdivision in Shorewood.

Please click the PDF link to view the map: Water Hardness Map

Rain Barrel InformationFreshwater is one of our most precious resources. Rainwater harvesting allows homeowners and businesses to collect and store rainfall to up their sustainability and reduce their water bills.

Choose from a variety of barrels, accessories, and connections at Upcycle Products, a part of the Conservation Foundation

Visit their website here: https://upcycle-products.com/il-programs/tcf/