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Village Board Approves 2024 Road Improvement Project

Shorewood, IL, March 15, 2024
: The Village Board approved a contract with PT Ferro Construction to improve over 2 miles of roadways throughout the community.  The project will invest approximately $1 million into our roadway system which includes asphalt pavement repairs, hazardous curb and sidewalk replacements, and ADA sidewalk upgrades at each intersection.

The work, which is weather dependent, will begin in mid-April with hazardous concrete repairs of existing curbs and sidewalks along with ADA upgrades at intersections.  In most cases, the contractor will complete concrete repairs within a day or two.  During removals, there may be an inconvenience for a short period where access to your driveway may be impacted.  The contractor will notify residents on the day of, but not prior to removal if they are not able to use their driveway. 

Following concrete repairs, the contractor will begin asphalt pavement grinding in preparation for the new asphalt surface.  Where necessary, a temporary ramp will be provided to maintain access to each driveway during the process.  Before installing the final asphalt layer, the contractor will spray ‘prime’ a coating of liquid asphalt material over the entire street that is very tacky and tracks great distances.  ‘Fresh Oil’ signage shall be posted prior to this phase.  Residents should drive slowly during this time, if a primed street is driven on before it dries; the prime will adhere to tires and will be tracked onto driveways. 

Please remember, public safety is our primary concern.  We ask that you drive slowly and cautiously through the Construction Zones.  We realize that these projects may present brief inconveniences.  We appreciate your patience during the construction.

Questions or concerns regarding this work should be directed to the Public Works Department at (815) 553-2321.

2024 MFT Resurfacing List updated 3/16/24
Village Street Maintenance Map

Download a PDF of the press release