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Showcase Shorewood - Anh's Cakery & Café
We are very excited to showcase one of our new businesses in town, Anh's Cakery and Café!

Anh Dempsey, owner of the bakery and café, is a self-taught baker who embarked on her baking journey as a stay-at-home mom after moving from Vietnam to the Joliet area five years ago. What started as creating delightful treats and getting feedback from family and friends turned into a career for Anh once she began sharing her creations on social media and building her clientele. When faced with intricate and challenging bakes, Anh's joy and talent shine through. "I learned all by myself," said Anh. "If it doesn’t turn out right, I keep doing it until it is right." In April 2024, she announced that she was officially taking over Cups n Cakes Bakery as Anh Cakery & Café.

While tasty treats may be added to the menu from time to time, some staple desserts you can find at Anh's Cakery & Café include mini cakes, cheesecakes, and fruit tarts, macaroons, specialty cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies. Vietnamese coffee, Boba tea, and fruit teas are also available. Please visit Anh's website or Facebook page for menu information and details on ordering, or stop by the café.

Click here to visit Anh's Cakery and Café website

Q&A with Anh Dempsey, owner of Anh's Cakery and Café

Where are you located?
1151 Brook Forest Avenue
Shorewood, Illinois, 60404

Can you share a bit about yourself and how you started your business?
My name is Anh, and I’m 29 years old. I moved here from Vietnam 5 years ago today actually, while I was pregnant with my first son. After my son was born, I was a stay-at-home mom and wanted to begin working, so I started to bake. I started putting my treats on social media and growing my clientele over the next five years when Kim, the former owner of Cups n Cakes Bakery was looking to sell the business and asked if I would be interested. She was very helpful the whole way through and helped me with the different forms and many requirements that go into opening a business.

What are a few desserts and drinks you offer?
We offer custom specialty cakes, fresh fruit cakes with whipped cream, mini fruit tarts, mini cheesecakes, cupcakes, lemon squares, and macaroons. We also sell Boba tea, fruit tea, and Vietnamese coffee.

Please visit Anh's Cakery and Café website or contact the bakery for a complete dessert menu.

Which one of your treats do you recommend visitors try first?
My Vietnamese coffee, which I know how to make very well! Also, our treats like our cakes and cupcakes, which we use quality ingredients to make from scratch—like our different frostings.

How far in advance should people place orders?
Our fondant cakes take a week or two. Simple cakes with frosting and a few flowers should only take two or three days. We also have a variety of baked goods available at the front that are made fresh every day.

How large is your team?
Me and three part-time bakers.

How did you decide on your Boba tea menu?
I got these drinks during my childhood in Vietnam. Boba tea places were sprouting all over, and since it was in my country, I wanted to bring it here.

Why Shorewood?
I’ve always wanted to bake and start a business—it was a dream. Kim told me she was selling the business, and helped me through the process so, and it was able to happen.

What is your favorite part of being a working business owner?

I like to hear feedback from people after they get their orders. People email or message me and tell me how much they like it. It gives me the energy to keep going!

What do you want the community to know about Anh Cakery & Café?
We have good products of good quality.

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