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The GPWC communities continue to make progress toward the shared goal of providing Lake Michigan water. This includes the signing of a 100-year agreement with the City of Chicago as the provider of treated water. The agreement defines the terms and conditions to ensure reliable water for the next generation.

Additionally, Channahon, Crest Hill, Minooka, and Romeoville completed the application and hearing process required for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) approval of their Lake Michigan water allocations. It is anticipated that all GPWC communities will have these permits in place by early 2024. The design of the infrastructure is also making progress with the first phase of construction scheduled to begin in summer 2024.

The baseline schedule and budget for the program were completed in September. These serve as a roadmap for the delivery of all work and a benchmark against which progress and costs will be reported. The baseline program budget of $1.45 billion represents the total projected cost to the Commission for design, construction, management, legal, and support activities through completion in May 2030. The budget considers detailed projections of the current costs plus cost escalation to the anticipated time of construction.

Applications for additional federal and state loan funds in excess of $1 billion will be submitted later this year. All Program costs will be financed using a combination of low-interest state and federal loans, available grant funding, and revenue bonds. Commission members have already secured $72 million in federal low-interest loans and approximately $7 million in federal and regional grant funds to fund development costs for the commission infrastructure.

The mission of the Grand Prairie Water Commission is to provide a sustainable, reliable, and high-quality water supply for the member communities by 2030 and beyond in order to support public health, safety, economic interests, and quality of life. We will keep you updated on the GPWC and what it means to your community. You can also learn more at the commission website at www.gpwc-il.org.