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Annually, ComEd performs Vegetation Management around their power lines to help reduce potential interferences that may create safety hazards and cause power outages. Trees will be trimmed under the guidance of Arborists over the next few months in Shorewood. This year, ComEd will be completing Vegetation Management in the following areas:

  1. Route 59 north of Black Road
  2. Black Road between Route 59 and ComEd Easement/RR Tracks
  3. US 52 between Route 59 and ComEd Easement/RR Tracks
  4. Subdivisions:
    1. Westfield Village
    2. River Crossing
    3. Shorewood Industrial Park
  5. River Road between Seil and I-80
  6. Along Seil Road between DuPage River and SW Frontage Road
Any questions should be referred to ComEd at 1-800-Edison-1